Welcome to the castle of Westerlo

After a voyage of more than 700 years through european history, the castle of Westerlo has now started its long journey through the 21st century. With this website, our goal is to share our passion for this unique and magical place.
Inside you will find information on the castle itself, its history, the history of the Merode familly who has been taking care of this place since the 14th century.
Please enjoy this first piece of work!


The NGO "Friends of the castle of Westerlo"

The “Friends of Westerlo Castle”, a non-profit making organisation, was founded in 2006 and aims to significantly develop the site of Westerlo Castle. Under the direction of the Merode family, this organisation seeks to promote and contribute to the restoration of this important historical property through the support of sponsorship.
In addition to the support of private companies, the non-profit making organisation aims to use its events (such as the Kasteelfeesten and other open air spectacles) to educate visiting families about the castle’s history. In 2012 the non-profit making organisation finalised a partnership with the King Baudouin foundation which gives the Westerlo association a public friendly dimension.
Prince Simon de Merode has been head of the “Friends of Westerlo Castle” since 2009. This organisation is working with passion and enthusiasm towards the restoration and embellishment of Westerlo castle and its surrounding area.

Our mission 


- Contribute to the protection, conservation and restoration of Westerlo Castle and its park.
- Contribute to the enriching of collections through the protection, restoration and acquisition of furniture and works of art.
- Make this historical Belgian estate shine through the organisation of cultural activities and educational events.
- Raise sponsorship funding to support the restoration of Westerlo through its affiliated societies.